G.M. Jones & Son Ltd

Welcome to GM Jones & Son Ltd

We have been dealing with Pukka Pies as an independent distributor for many years, before incorporating to a limited company back in 1989.

We are one of a handful of companies that sell Pukka Pies products, in fresh, frozen and unbaked form. Take a look at our other frozen products which are at very competitive prices..... its not just Pukka Pies we sell!

Our company has a dedicated delivery team which deliver from our own modern fleet of bespoke vehicles ensuring our quality products arrive in perfect condition.

We deliver mainly to the Fast Food industry in the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire areas, but whatever your industry, please give us a call.

Your orders will be taken by our committed telesales team or an out of hours answer machine.

As a company we have seen sales growth year on year.

Call for competitive pricing with an outstanding service.

Pukka Pie

01543 570 961

Please feel free to contact us regarding our products, delivery schedules or any other query you may have. One of our committed telesales personnel is awaiting your call.